Assessing Security and Human Rights Risks in

PRC Semiconductor Supply Chains

The semiconductor supply chain is critical to economic and national security.

Adversarial forces pose risks to supply chain resilience and maintenance of America’s innovative edge. Close scrutiny of these risks — and corresponding due diligence of suppliers — across the semiconductor value chain can propel a more trusted sector globally.

The Targeting the Core research series delivers insights relevant toward that end through original analysis, commentary, and the publication of the monthly Chip Risk Monitor, which assesses the proximity of State-backed Chinese semiconductor champions to malign aspects of the Chinese business and national security ecosystem.

Targeting the Core

The Targeting the Core research series is an effort led by Horizon Advisory, a supply chain and geopolitical risk intelligence operation.

Chip Risk Monitor

The Chip Risk Monitor provides a monthly scorecard of the proximity between select State-backed Chinese semiconductor champions and the industrial policy indicators that propel China’s non-market approach to leveraging supply chain dominance for military end uses and geopolitical leverage.

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