Tencent and the RISC-V Risk

Overview China’s interest in RISC-V technology has recently caught global attention with compelling reporting from Reuters and The New York Times as well as in-depth analysis from the Jamestown Foundation. The role of China’s “Big Tech” in Beijing’s RISC-V approach is an interesting – and revealing – feature of how China approaches opportunities in global…

Policy Recommendations that Emerge from the Chip Risk Monitor

The risk environment presented by China’s semiconductor champions and their global market presence demands new and expanded lines of both offense and defense from the US government and industry. A winning – and threat informed – strategy would feature: Private sector-led investment in critical industry chains, with the US government imposing costson those who do…

Global Profile

PRC industrial policy prioritizes the virtue of market share – even at the expense of optimizing for profit and technological progress as Western economic orthodoxy might dictate for firm behavior. Profit and technological progress do not necessarily register as metrics of success within the PRC industrial policy rubric; more so as inputs for accruing outsize…

Launching Targeting the Core’s Chip Risk Monitor

China’s semiconductor champions pose a variety of risks to the United States. We can’t continue to overlook them. Yes, the U.S. government has taken action – putting companies on the Entity List, targeting them with export controls, et cetera. But it’s not enough. China’s semiconductor champions find loopholes. They reinvent themselves. And new champions emerge….

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